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Croquet ≤/≥ Oquet (Part 2/2)

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Shortly after the writing of the previous post Dr Codar held a meeting in the examination labs. On the operating table there laid a writhing creature (or perhaps presence is a better word). My eyes couldn’t fully adjust or focus in on the entity, which seemed to slip my conscious efforts at identification. The only objective identification I could make is thus: the topmost part of the entity seemed to be ontologically constant: a sagging, dripping piece of scrotal-like flesh that hung over the top of the table. Dr Codar explained that that is where the brain was held. He told us that this quasi-ineffable entity is/was Dr Pete C. Rimmer and then dismissed us.

Perhaps angry at my previous post on the scientist, perhaps angry that Pete C. Trimmer had rejected his application to help fill in the financial gap that would be left by the incapacitation of Rimmer, or perhaps because I’m the “new guy” here — Dr Codar put me on night duty to observe any changes in the physical manifestation of Rimmer.

That night Dr Pete C. Rimmer ate himself out of existence.


The most heated part of figure 2 (the generated libidinal energy in the centre) is the key to this. I believe this is the state that I saw Rimmer in before he consumed himself out of existence. Just like that fated Chapel Perilous this area is truly peripheral — you may think you catch it out of the corner of your eye but you can never stare too long less you consume it or it consumes you.

Fig. 2: Trimmer/Rimmer dichotomy. The author asks: what is the creational power of this?

I have been approved for a small amount of funding in order to extract this area, this zone, from an alchemical fusion of Cameron Dodds’ biological (from a DNA sweep of his home) and artificial (generated from his artistic output, conversations, dreams etc) matters. We will be pitting the two against each other using an HY-0K(F-Ontd.) Generative Adversarial Network where both opposites will try to compete against and draw away from one another. The ultimate goal is to artificially manifest a coincidentia oppisitorum that can be pushed to its extremes ­— allowing for the biological to fade into noumenal and the artificial to become phenomenal. This should help us further artificially construct a concept of Dodds that can be used to further generate a Doddsian compositional output while he is missing.

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